Using the Endpointlock Shield tray icon
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Using the Endpointlock Shield tray icon

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Article Summary

The EndpointLock system tray “shield” icon  serves as a status indicator of the current operational state of EndpointLock keystroke encryption.
The possible operational states of EndpointLock are listed below:

ActiveWhen the EndpointLock shield is blue the keystroke encryption is currently active.

Disabled: When the EndpointLock shield is red the keystroke encryption is currently disabled.

Left Clicking the shield iconwill launch the EndpointLock user interface.

You can also right-click the EndpointLock system tray shield iconto access the EndpointLock system tray menu which is seen and explained below:


Encryption Enabled (Blue Lock)  
Encryption Disabled (Red Lock) 

Tray Menu Options Explained

Open: This will launch the EndpointLock’s user interface.

Enable protection: Clicking this option will enable EndpointLock’s keystroke encryption.

Disable protection: Clicking this option will disable keystroke encryption for all programs and processes.

Exit:  This allows you to immediately quit the EndpointLock application from running. If EndpointLock exited in this manner, you must manually relaunch the EndpointLock application or restart your computer.

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