1. Open the EndpointLock app and enter your username and password then tap the “Login” button.
  2. Once you have logged in, tap the settings button which will take you the keyboard settings screen
    OR follow this alternate method:
    Go to Settings > System > Language and Input > Virtual keyboard > Manage keyboards > Select "EndpointLock"
    Note: On Samsung Android 7.0 devices you'll find this within the 'General Management' menu. 
  1. Tap the slider next to “EndpointLock” to enable it.
    Tap “ok” to any Android system prompts that pop up.
    Rest assured that EndpointLock never records or receives your keystroke data. The only communication is solely for licensing authorization.

The keyboard is now ready for use and can be toggled as described in this article: Switching between keyboards (Android)